Aprina Inc

Connecting Education Technology



Aprina staff have worked together for over 20 years in a variety of Projects, Businesses and Programs. Achievements and project highlights include;

2014 - 2016 - RIC One - NY POC, Architect & Design

2016 - K12 Federation - Project Management

2015 & 2016 - Tas (AU) & Kuder SIF Integration Project

2014 - Data Protection Hub Model Pilot project, USA

2014 - 2016 - Data Hub Model Strategy, NSIP, Hub Integration Testing Service (HITS) , AU

2014 – New South Wales Dept of Education (one of the largest Education Jurisdictions internationally) publicly announces utilization of a Data Hub Model approach, designed by Aprina, for integrations with external third parities.  

2014 – Develop and author the Education API concept paper which linked the Cloud Strategy, the National Identity Management Framework (NIMF) and the requirement to support heterogeneous standards in AU

2013 - Develop and author the National Identity Management Framework (NIMF) for Australia Education Department, approved by all CIO’s in Australia, and forms the basis for Identity management in Australia’s Race to the top program (NOAC).  

2012 – Complete over 20 technology projects focused on connecting systems together using Interoperability standards. Develop Cloud Strategy white paper for Australian Education Departments, laying out the approach to enabling external services for large education jurisdictions.

2011 – Establish a common data model to enable consistent approach to national services, developing the SIS baseline profile (SBP) which forms the basis for data and business events to simplify integrations.

2010 – Establish the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP) under joint State and Federal Education Department funding.  Provide secretariat services for Education Boards NSIP - Education Dept CIO’s,  and SIFAAMB - Industry board. 

2009 - Provide standards and interoperability advice to Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development, FUSE content repository and IDAM identity management system.

2008 and 2009 - Develop Business Case and undertake Pilot Project "Towards SIF AU".

2008 – Develop boutique Education Technology consultancy. 

2008 – Speaking Tour; including the Learning and Teaching World Forum (in the United Kingdom) attended by over 60 Ministers of Education.

2006/7 - Provide product research and architecture development to commercial provider Editure. Complete project examining joining up a diverse ecosystem utilizing Open Source projects.

2005 – Sold software business (Myinternet).

2004 – Won iAward for 'myclasses' software.

2002- Architect and built Leaning Content Management system & Student portfolio manager.

2001 - Won Innovation of the year award for Australian Software Industry Award for suite of products developed.

2000 - Expand operations to UK, Hong Kong, South Africa, New Zealand.

1999 – 52% of all Australian Student and Staff using products designed and built, including SINA.

1998 – Create pioneering LMS system connecting users in k-12.

1997 – Secure Venture Capital investment of $9m from Fidelity and Telstra.

1996 – Create the first Australian software product business for State Education systems to enable schools to control access the internet (SINA).

1995 – Create first Internet Gateway which made the internet accessible for computers in a school for the first time in Australia and co-authored “Teachers guide to the Internet”.

1993 – Start up first k-12 ISP in Australia (second commercial ISP in Australia).

1992 – Thesis Policy aspects and implications of the Internet.

1987 – Start up ICT and education in major Secondary Schools in Australia.