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What is the role of technology in new systems of assessment and accountability?

Gene Wilhoit, University of Kentucky, National Centre for Innovation in Education, included Aprina's Dan Ingvarson when he convened a group in DC recently to discuss "What is the role of technology in new systems of assessment and accountability?"

Tom Vander Ark (@tvanderark), an education advocate, advisor, author, and Founder and Executive Editor of Getting Smart and a partner in Learn Capital was there too and shared this great response to the day on his blog on Education Week




Data Protection Hub Strategy

Aprina is a niche player in Education and Information Communication Technology.  

Education Technology procurement, enablement and engagement rules have changed. Aprina has developed the Data Protection Hub Strategy to assist Education authorities in getting ahead of these changes and making services to schools and teachers work in ways that an education authority can engage and grow with. 

Aprina has assisted 8 diverse international government agencies understand how these changes to 'traditional IT' have rippling effects across their organizations. Aprina has also helped over 40 vendors and software providers understand where their opportunities lie within the emerging 'new IT' of Education Technology.

National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP)

During 2010 to 2015 (ongoing) Aprina has provided key services to the National Schools Interoperability Program (NSIP). NSIP is a national program sponsored by the Australian Government Department of Education and Australian State and Territory Education Chief Information Officers. It was established to support the development of digital learning infrastructure and to improve access to information for decision makers through more effective linking of information systems across the Australian schools sector.

Daniel Ingvarson, as senior principal consultant on this project, has provided services to NSIP as Program Lead – Projects, to conduct or assisted projects that;

  • improve the exchange of educational data between systems within organisations; 
  • provide teachers and learners in one organisation with managed access to services provided by another organisation; and 
  • facilitate the exchange of information about learners between organisations for student transfer and reporting purposes. 

These projects have established a shared knowledge base, a collection of reusable assets and collaborative processes to accelerate the delivery ICT projects locally and nationally.

Matt Deeble supported NSIPs' delivery of Annual stakeholder reporting, authoring of advice papers for stakeholders and the NSIP Program work plan.

Mim Ingvarson provided services to NSIP to manage NSIP Advocacy and Industry engagement, establish the SIF Association Community in Australia and SIF AU Membership services to Australian vendors and education providers. She has established business and school level advocacy channels, developed primary information and promotion materials on SIF and NSIP generally for Australian audiences.

Though it’s services to NSIP, Aprina has co-ordinated and delivered advice, IT project architecture and management, and worked collaboratively with government and non-government bodies.

Towards SIF AU

The Towards SIF AU Program (2009-10) was a joint initiative of the Commonwealth, jurisdictions and non-government schools sector to bring the SIF interoperability standard to life in Australian education system. Aprina was contracted by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) Victoria to lead this project from Proof of Concept, conduct Pilot Projects and develop a Business Case that was endorsed by Australian Education Ministers.

Daniel, as senior principal consultant on this project, Matt Deeble as Team Manager, and Mim Ingvarson as Community Manager all worked closely with Project stakeholders to develop and advance this project and technical standard. This includes responsibility for technical, project, policy, personnel, SIF Association members, Australian software vendors and the internal project team. Through the implementation of this project Aprina has adopted a collaborative, results oriented project style that has reduced administrative overheads and improved rapid project delivery. The SIF program included the delivery of 13 pilot projects, a knowledge base with over 800 pages of information and the facilitation and support of a Project Management Board that includes the CIO from each of the Australian Education departments.

Review and Advice

In 2009 Aprina was engaged by Australian Department of Education to co-author the “Guidelines for Implementing the DER”. Daniel, as senior principal consultant on this project, undertook a in depth consultation process with stakeholders, conducted technical research and collation of results to create and author the Guidelines.


Systematic Global Review of E-learning applications

During 2005 - 2006, Aprina undertook a research and pilot project for Editure (under AusIndsutry support) that examined what the ‘next generation’ of e-learning platforms would look like.  This allowed our organisation to explore how open standards, Web 2.0, new teaching practices, and core infrastructure projects could converge. This researched reviewed, tested and documented over 30 products. The research examined the functionality of the products as well as the architectural options to link the systems together. We developed a core categorization system which has assisted to inform the future advice and policy work of our organization.